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SILIZIOS technology is a novel Silicon based Near Infrared photodiode approach extending the performance of SILIZIOS All Silicon photodiodes beyond Silicon absorption edge. SILIZIOS technology features low temperature processing requirements and CMOS compatibility.  The applied nano-/microstructuring of the Silicon is CMOS compatible. The current prototypes in implementation target the parameters below.


> 0.1 A/W

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

≥ 10^5

CMOS compatibility

fully CMOS compatible

Baud rate


Impedance amplifier

The photodiode devices can easily be tuned to operate with a wide range of TIAs


Production of the photodiodes is environmentally friendly, use of toxic materials is avoided as well as environmentally hazardous fabrication steps (during mining, purification and semiconductor layer deposition). No additional substantial power consumption for adding the optoelectronic performance to the Si platform is envisioned.


The materials and fabrication cost of the SILZIOS Near Infrared photodiodes are expected at a similar level as Silicon photodiodes today with no NIR sensitivity, therefore costs are significantly lower compared to existing InGaAs and Germanium photodetector technology in the targeted application domains


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