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SILIZIOS is a high-tech company in the Optoelectronics Industry with emphasis on Silicon Photonics. The SILIZIOS technology innovation is a Silicon photodiode with an extension of sensitivity to the Near Infrared (NIR) wavelength range up to 2.8 µm by making use of a novel nanotechnology solution. An All Silicon concept is applied.


The Near Infrared range between 1.1 µm and 1.7 µm covers important bands used for data transmission in high-speed networks in the Telecom and IT sector as well as for imaging applications. This Near Infrared range has been generally covered so far by low-bandgap semiconductors such as Germanium and III-V group compound semiconductors like InGaAs and not by Silicon.


Objective of SILIZIOS is the launch and commercialisation of this disruptive Silicon based NIR photodiode technology widening the market of Silicon to huge new application domains in high-speed data transmission and imaging. SILIZOS is currently implementing Silicon based Near Infrared photodiode prototypes for deployment in high bandwidth applications in the Telecom and IT sector and in the Imaging Industry.


Dr. Marlis Wallek


Marlis Wallek is founder and Managing Director of ARTIO Invest with a focus on disruptive high-tech business models. She studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business where she was also awarded a doctorate at the Institute for Investmentbanking and Catallactics. In recent years she was responsible as Managing Director for the business development and restructuring of companies in the Telecommunication and IT Services industry.

Marlis Wallek developed the business model of SILIZIOS in cooperation with the inventors and focusses now in SILIZIOS on the development of strategic alliances with foundries and major suppliers of chip technologies in the Telecom, IT and Imaging sector.

o.Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. DDr. h.c. Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci


Prof. Sariciftci is Ordinarius Professor for Physical Chemistry and the Founding Director (Vorstand) of the Linz Institute for Organic Solarcells (LIOS) at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz/Austria.

He studied at the University of Vienna (Austria) and graduated as PhD in physics in 1989. After two years postdoctoral study at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) he joined the Institute for Polymers and Organic Solids at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, by Prof. Alan J. HEEGER, Nobel leaurate 2000 for Chemistry. His major contributions are in the fields of photoinduced optical, magnetic resonance and transport phenomena in semiconducting and metallic polymers. He is the inventor of conjugated polymer and fullerene based "bulk heterojunction" solar cells. Prof. Sariciftci published over 600 publications and with over 50000 citations he is one of the most cited scientists in material science (2011, Thompson Reuter  ranking No: 14 of the world best material scientists).  As January 2017 Sariciftci has an h-index of 86 (ISI Thompson), over 103 (Google Scholar).  Sariciftci has composed 8 books and educated several academic and industrial scientists. He also initiated seven spin off companies for organic optoelectronics. Sariciftci is recipient of several international prizes.

Dr. Michael Zillner

Michael Zillner is the founder and principal shareholder of the MERIT Group. Merit is specialized in industrial consultancy, risk management and financial services, and is focused on the European market with offices in Austria, Germany and Malta.

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